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CFC in the Community

Adopt a Family Donations
Charity Bike Ride
NRECA International Foundation

Social responsibility and caring for others are important cooperative values. We offer employees the opportunity to participate directly in activities that support the community and benefit others, including:

Adopt-a-Family Foundation

Employees can contribute funds, matched by CFC, through payroll deduction to Adopt-a-Family, an employee-owned foundation. Each quarter, the foundation partners with Northern Virginia Family Service to provide a working family in crisis due to illness, job loss or other emergency with the resources needed to recover from the event.

CFC Club

The employees’ CFC Club provides various opportunities for community service and charitable giving throughout the year.

5K Race for Cooperative Development

Teams from cooperative businesses and independent runners race in this Cooperative Development Foundation fundraiser. Proceeds fund loans and grants to help form new cooperatives to provide needed services and market access in areas where cooperative businesses offer better solutions.

CFC International Projects Matching Grants

To further the mission of NRECA International Programs in providing rural residents of foreign lands with reliable, affordable and life-changing electric service, CFC makes matching grants available to electric cooperative statewide associations to assist electric cooperatives’ overseas electrification projects.