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Created and Owned by America's Electric Cooperative Network


Formed in 1969, CFC is a nonprofit finance cooperative created and owned by America's electric cooperative network.

Board of Directors

CFC is guided by a 23-member board of directors that represents 10 geographically defined districts, the electric cooperatives' national trade association and an at-large director. The board sets overall policy, establishes programs and develops strategies for CFC.

Senior Leadership Team

CFC operates from its corporate headquarters in Dulles, Virginia, with a staff of 248 employees as of May 31, 2017. The senior leadership team manages CFC's operations and carries out the board's directives.

CFC Board Officers

CFC Board Officers: Secretary-Treasurer Dean R. Tesch (left), Board President Harry N. Park and Board Vice President Kent D. Farmer

CFC CEO Sheldon C. Petersen

CFC CEO Sheldon C. Petersen