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The CFC Board of Directors is responsible for governing a multibillion-dollar financing cooperative that is owned and controlled by approximately 1,000 electric cooperative member-owner systems.

As elected representatives, the CFC Board of Directors establishes policies in the best interest of CFC's owners and the electric cooperative program. CFC board members are knowledgeable about all aspects of rural electrification.

The 23 board representatives, elected from 10 geographically defined districts in the United States and one at-large position, provide a regional view of the rural electric program. Each district is represented by one director of an owner system and one manager of an owner system, both within the same district. These board members, who must come from different states within the district, are elected for a three-year term and can serve two consecutive three-year terms.

The at-large position fills the role of financial expert on the audit committee. This person can be a director, CEO or CFO of a member electric system. The position is elected for a three-year term and can serve two consecutive terms.

The president and vice president of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) serve on the CFC board as representatives of District 11.