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Ratings & Research

CFC's long- and short-term debts are rated by three major credit rating agencies registered with the SEC: Fitch RatingsMoody's Investors Service and S&P Global.

The following table presents CFC's current credit ratings.

CFC Debt Program Fitch Ratings Moody's Investors Service S&P Global
Collateral Trust Bonds (CTBs) A+ A1 A
Medium-Term Notes (MTNs) and InterNotes A A2 A
Subordinated Notes BBB+ A3 BBB+
Commercial Paper (CP) F1 P-1 A-1
Rating Outlook Stable Stable Stable

Fitch Ratings

Moody's Investors Service

S&P Global


Analyst Coverage

Fitch Ratings
Bain K. Rumohr, CFA

Moody’s Investors Service
Kevin Rose

S&P Global
Adam Grossbard, CFA