Board of Directors

CFC is guided by a 23-member board of directors that represents 10 geographically defined districts, the electric cooperatives' national trade association and an at-large director. The board sets overall policy, establishes programs and develops strategies for CFC. Each of the board’s directors is elected for a three-year term and can serve two consecutive terms.

Alan W. Wattles

Board President; District 5

Bruce A. Vitosh

Board Vice President; District 7

David E. Felkel

Board Secretary-Treasurer; District 2

Barbara Hampton

At-Large Director

Tony Anderson

District 11 (NRECA)

Kevin M. Bender

District 4

Chris Christensen

District 11 (NRECA)

Jared Echternach

District 6

Dennis Fulk

District 8

Brent R. McRae

District 9

W. Keith Hayward

District 3

Michael J. Heinen

District 8

Anthony Larson

District 6

John Metcalf

District 4

G. Anthony Norton

District 2

Jeff Rehder

District 5

Mark A. Suggs

District 1

Marsha L. Thompson

District 10